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A collection of psycho-geographical self-portraits from a city commuting into a rabbit hole. Normal retail price £190.

2-colour offset print on 170gsm kraft paper.

594x841mm / 23.4x33.1in (A1).

Edition of 1000, signed upon request.

Please handle with care.

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What my comprehension can’t muster, my pen must explain. It distills a complex reality into items of my understanding. On the knife’s edge between black and white it summons the truth. Lately, your faces have demanded translation. Politics long in turmoil, you’ve taken it on the chin. I collect the lines on my commute, and bend them into submission when I get home. You appear before me, out from the wash, warts and all. And with each face the revelation, I only used you for a mirror. That the pursuit of your essence, arrived at a different truth.
That’s me in the corner, losing my religion.

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