Tower Stone Patronage

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Donation based, starting from £5, just pay what you are able to pay.

We have counted, labeled and catalogued each and every stone of the Tower using a drone. Your Certificate will specify exactly which stone will be under your patronage. That way you may come and see it for yourself one day, and be given the tour while you’re here. The Stone Patronage comes with six exclusive hi-definition mobile wallpapers by Henrik Delehag.

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With each purchase you will receive: A Digital Certificate of Patronage, A sharable clip of your name being handwritten and tied to the clapper of the bell, Monthly updates of our progress, invitations to our virtual events, including to our annual meetings, where all major decisions regarding the Tower will be voted on. And of course, you will be welcome to come and enjoy the incredible views, which should remain owned by all of us. 

Should the mission to secure the Tower fail, you will be reimbursed the full amount.