Gargoyle Patronage

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We have counted 90 Gargoyles up and down and around the tower. They protect this Tower and mission. Imagine adding one of them to your name.

As the Patron of a Gargoyle, you will enter into a discussion with us regarding both involvement and returns. You will receive art produced in the next coming year to the full value of your investment, commission-based and other. You will get to pick your Gargoyle together with us, according to your preferences, and follow the process of Henrik Delehag turning it into an icon together with the other 89 Gargoyles. You will receive an invitation to opening of the resulting Spire Room exhibition, and get to keep the original artwork of your Gargoyle after the event, as well as a limited edition Book of Prints, containing the 90 giclee printed Gargoyles, including yours (297x420mm / 11.7x16.5in).

(90 units)

Should we fail with the mission to secure the Tower, you will be reimbursed the full amount.