Spire Patronage

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The Spire is magnificent. It pierces the sky like a sharpened pencil. It is currently separated from view by a fake ceiling in the Spire Room. One of our first projects will be to remove this and make a tiny room inside the very tip of the Spire. Reached only by a ladder, the room will give us access to the little windows up there for the first time since the conversion. The room will function as a space for meditation and contemplation.

As the Patron of The Spire, you will enter into a discussion with us regarding both involvement and returns. You will receive art produced in the next coming year to the full value of your investment, commission-based and other. You will be given first access to marvel at the view from the windows in the tip of the Spire once we've made them accessible, and gain a month worth of access to the room set within it, to be used as you see fit.

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Should we fail with the mission to secure the Tower, you will be reimbursed the full amount.